GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner (2962-4145) – Review

GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner (2962-4145) – Product Description

The GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner (2962-4145) is a relatively compact window unit, just the right size and power for occasional cooling needs or smaller spaces. This air conditioner efficiently cools up to a 10-by-15-foot room and is operated with straightforward manual controls. It has two cooling settings, two fan settings, and a nine-setting thermostat. The turbo fan offers even cooling and simple control tabs let you adjust the horizontal air flow. The air filter is washable.  Energy Efficiency rating is 9.7 (on an 8.0-10.0 scale). This air conditioner measures 18-9/16 by 12-9/32 by 14-9/16 inches.  Your window must be at least 13 inches high by 22 inches wide  for the GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner (2962-4145) to fit.

Features of the GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner (2962-4145)

  • 5000-Btu air conditioner with manual controls
  • 2-way air-deflection system and washable air filter
  • Two-setting turbo fan that works with or without cooling
  • 9.7 Energy Efficiency Rating
  • 18-9/16 by 12-9/32 by 14-9/16 inches; window minimum of 13 by 22 inches

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Review of the GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner (2962-4145)

This is a small, very inexpensive, light weight window air conditioner. Owners rate it 3.6 stars out of 5 stars. This is very likely one of the least expensive air conditioners on the market.  There are pluses and minuses to that. Comments range from “good buy for the money”, “great price works well!,”, “great machine”, “would get another in a heartbeat”, “ just works and works.. have had it for 7 Texas summers”,  to  “I am very disappointed with this Goldstar unit, and would definitely not purchase another.”


This air conditioner comes with vinyl slide out panels for left and right sides. Owners report that it installs easily  and can be plugged into any 110 volt outlet.


Owners report that the GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner (2962-4145) is light weight and quiet when running.  One owner noted that the front panel below the air outlet folds down on hinges for easy filter access. Although owners describe this air conditioner as perfect to cool one room all the time, one owner noted that his air conditioner wouldn’t turn on if the air outside was cool. One owner who has central air, uses this air conditioner in his bedroom at night, instead of cooling the whole house all night, thus saving on his electric bill.

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Maintenance & Lifespan

Some owners report this air conditioner as “super sturdy” and “just works and works” while other report their units no longer cooling after one year. A number of other owners have had their air conditioners work just fine for years.  One owner “bought this machine sometime in 2003. Had a little problem getting it set in the window, but from that point on…no problems. It has run almost continuously during our 90+ summers here in Kentucky until this year and we think the only problem with it now is the drain is plugged and there is no easy way to get inside the case to see what is causing the backup. Other than that, I would get another in a heartbeat.”  Another owner’s story points out the economy of usage over time. He says, “I bought 6 for about $600 tax and all. They kept my house nice and cool. ..After 1st year one started to shock when touched, 2nd year one started making a noise,  4th year I ran a screw in one by mistake and freon leaked out, 5th year i lost 2 of the last 4. This year I’m only using one at the time…. it can keep my room at 60 degrees. The down fall is if it’s cool outside then the a/c won’t come on. Wall units are much cheaper than running central to 8 rooms and the 2 bathrooms and kitchen. I can turn it on one room, then at night turn on the bedroom. It dropped my electric bill like $200 a month so 6 years x 4months x $200 = $4800 – $600 = $4200 in savings. Much better!”


Don’t expect the performance of a higher priced air conditioner for the low price this GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner sells for….but you just might get it anyway!  One caution though; at 5000 BTUs, this air conditioner is not intended for large open rooms.  Owners report that this air conditioner is easy to install and works well at cooling the room.  Some air conditioner units, however, stop cooling after the first year.  Other owners though, have had their air conditioners for many years with no problems. As one owner said, when you buy the cheapest thing on the market you’re going to get a few duds”.  The pluses are the economy of the cheaper cash outlay and the economic use of electricity.  At this price, you can afford to purchase a number of these air conditioners and use only the unit of the room you are in, which results in significant savings over central air that cools the whole house.  At the price this sells for, if you do get only one year out of a unit, it’s quite inexpensive to replace that unit the following year and still more cost effective than renting an air conditioner for a year.  If you have small rooms or can use a more powerful unit in the larger rooms and this one in smaller rooms, the GoldStar R5050 5,000-Btu Air Conditioner would appear to be a very functional, very economical choice. Recommended for that reason.

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