General Electric AST05LK 5,000 BTU Window A/C – Review

General Electric AST05LK 5,000 BTU Window A/C – Product Description

5,000 Cooling BTU,   1.4 Dehumidification,  Power: 115 Volts,  Variable Setting Thermostat

Features of the General Electric AST05LK 5,000 BTU Window A/C

  • 5,000 Cooling BTU
  • 1.4 Dehumidification
  • Power: 115 Volts
  • Variable Setting Thermostat

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Review of the General Electric AST05LK 5,000 BTU Window A/C

The General Electric AST05LK 5,000 BTU Window A/C is a compact economy air conditioner.  Owners say it does a good job in a small room and say they would recommend this air conditioner for the price. One owner likes this air conditioner so much, he is ordering another.  Since this air conditioner only cools a small room, a larger unit, or other units, may be necessary in other rooms of the house. Comments were “very quiet, good quality”,does the job”, and nice look, quiet, good for the price but had to get another one.”  One owner said “I would easily recommend this product to anyone that needs a window unit. It actually has saved us money on our electric bill since switching from central heating and air to window units.”

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Owners say that the installation of this air conditioner is easy.  One owner suggested having extra insulating tape on hand for around the unit would be a good idea.


Owners report that this is a small basic compact air conditioner that give a steady performance and runs quietly, saying this unit is quieter than other comparable air conditioners.” This unit is intended for small rooms and most owners use this unit in their bedroom. They say it can also be used in a child’s room or in a den.  One owner is particularly pleased that this air conditioner doesn’t have any glowing lights coming off of it, except at the plug, which can be hidden behind furniture. He also likes the simplicity of the controls. This is a basic model with no timer or digital either it’s on or it’s off. Some people like that, some don’t. Owners says that for the money, this air conditioner does the job well.  One owner reports that her electricity bill has dropped compared to the other models of air conditioners she has tried, so “this is one great investment!” Several owners suggested cleaning the filter regularly and report that the filter  is easy to remove for cleaning. One owner purchased 3 of these air conditioners to use in different rooms in his house.  He says “They work well to keep the rooms assigned to them cool. That is pretty awesome since I live in Southern Georgia and it gets really darn hot here. It is not only energy efficient, but also decently priced. They are easy to use. The filters need to be cleaned out regularly, but all in all a pretty decent machine.”

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Maintenance & Lifespan

GE has a reputation as a large and well known company. Some owners choose a GE air conditioner for that reason. One owner says “I have owned my GE air conditioner for thirteen (13) years.  It has never needed any repairs during this time.”  Another owner says .  “My machine has lasted me for a couple of years now and I believe it will still continue to run strong.”


The General Electric AST05LK 5,000 BTU Window A/C is a compact, basic, economy window air conditioner intended for small rooms. Although it doesn’t have programmable settings, owners are pleased with the way that it cools for the price. They say that this air conditioner is energy efficient but the filter needs to be cleaned out regularly to maintain efficiency.  GE air conditioners go a very long time without needing any repair and several owners reported having had theirs for many years.  One owner has 3 in different rooms of his home.  If you are looking for an inexpensive solution to cooling your home, and don’t mind using a larger unit in larger areas, the General Electric AST05LK 5,000 BTU Window A/C will stand up over time and would appear to be an excellent choice for smaller rooms. Recommended for GE’s reputation and for customer satisfaction.

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